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Many people tend to underestimate how vital it is to design a plan that creates leverage for our money – allowing us to save more effectively today for a better tomorrow. Our tailor-made approach to building your financial plan starts with the end in mind – the goal of creating an income stream as efficiently as possible. The two questions we must be able to answer in our pre-retirement years are: “How much money do we need to save?” and “Where do we need to put it?” Having these two questions answered allows us to break the traditional thought process of simply saving as much as possible without a clear end goal in mind.

At Airey Financial Group, we think of retirement as coming down the proverbial mountain. We must use different tools and technique than the “accent” in pre-retirement. Our savings are intended to be enjoyed. Why work hard, only to retire and stress about money? We believe in creating balanced income strategies. This allows us to enjoy our money today without the fear of running out of money down the road.

Financial decisions should not be based on the conventional thought process that everyone should do the same things with our money. At Airey Financial Group, we practice solution- based planning. We understand that each of our clients are unique, therefore, their solution should reflect what is important to them. We implement a time-tested, non-traditional approach to building your financial plan that will help you confidently apply our recommendations made specifically to suit you.

Our first step is to earn your trust and listen to what’s most important to you. We then gather your information to establish your current situation and timeline. Then, we work as a team to develop a strategy that is created with your goals in mind.

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