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Investment Management

Investment management is as much psychological as it is skill. It is hard to resist the urge to sell, when in all actuality – we should be buying. We rely on a balance of macro, technical, and fundamental research to shape our investment outlooks. Our models and portfolios are based on an individual’s specific needs, and only bringing in as much risk as necessary.

As we believe no two clients are the same, neither should any two financial plans. Your portfolio shouldn’t look like your neighbors. It is important for us to get to know you personally for us to carefully craft an investment strategy, for you.

The world of investments can be overly complicated, and we strive to provide clarity and simplicity. It is important for our clients to understand what they own and why they own it.

We operate on an independent basis and aren’t bound to any particular product or company. Our clients always come first.

What Does Investment Management Involve?

Investment management is not just about hiring someone to buy or sell assets for you, although that is part of the process, too. Managing your investments includes protecting and increasing your wealth by utilizing investment strategies that benefit you and minimize risks. Our investment managers can optimize your portfolio and select the appropriate investment plans and funds for you.

We take our time to get to understand you, your financial situation, and your goals. We’ll consider all relevant factors before we decide which investment vehicles are suitable, such as your timeline and risk tolerance. Once we have all the information we need, we can make appropriate decisions regarding what types of investment accounts and assets would best serve your financial goals.

Why Is Investment Management Important?

When you work with our financial planners, we take a holistic approach to your personal finances. Our investment management services can help you build your personal savings, but we also engage in retirement planning to better prepare you for your financial future. We even consider the tax implications of your investment decisions, helping you minimize your tax burden. 

Our investment management process includes diversifying and optimizing your portfolio to ensure you’re not too heavily invested in one company or industry. We also make sure the assets in your portfolio match up with your risk tolerance. Finally, we continuously analyze the performance of your portfolio and keep you informed about what you own and why, and set you on the path to financial success by mitigating risks and taxes.

What Are Examples of Wealth Management?

Wealth management is just one aspect of financial planning for individuals, but it’s a very important one. Here are some examples of wealth management services:

  • Proper allocation of assets in your portfolio
  • Managing taxable events, specifically capital gains tax
  • Analyzing asset performance
  • Aligning your portfolio with your timeline and risk tolerance
  • Educating you about your assets

Our investment management team uses comprehensive financial planning to best serve your needs. How we manage your wealth depends on your specific financial situation, requirements, and goals. For entrepreneurs, financial planning for businesses is the first step before getting started with investment management services.

Investment Management Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tax-Efficient Investing?
Every investment decision you make has tax implications. The goal of tax-efficient investing is to minimize your tax burden, because that will increase your net income. Since taxes are such an enormous expense, it really pays off to be strategic about tax planning. For example, if you realize significant short-term gains in your portfolio, you may be subject to capital gains taxes, which negatively affect your take-home pay. Therefore, taxes should always be a part of the consideration when selling assets that have appreciated in value.

What Is Socially Responsible Investing?
Socially responsible investing includes investing in companies that have a positive impact on society. It could be businesses who embrace clean technology or fight for social justice. It might be a company that has core values in line with yours. Socially responsible investing doesn’t mean denying yourself profits. We still vet every investment decision from a profit angle, but you don’t have to compromise on your values to build wealth. 

How Can I Minimize Investment Risk?
Our investment management professionals can help you create a portfolio that’s in line with your investment goals and considers your risk tolerance. Investing is not without risk, but it’s possible to minimize your risk using proper diversification, performing a careful analysis of all investment decisions, and working with experienced financial professionals. 

What’s the Benefit of Working with a Financial Advisor?
When you work with a financial advisor, you get to tap into their knowledge and experience with your personal finances. A financial advisor will pick investments that work for your timeline and risk tolerance, but they also consider the tax implications of your investment decisions and help you mitigate risk.

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