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Investments can be a great choice for financial and retirement plans.  But investments carry risks to your money.  And, everyone’s risk tolerance is unique.  Our professionals at Airey Financial Group take time to understand your investment goals.  We educate our clients on the different types of investments.  Then we run scenarios to show you different investment strategies.  An investment strategy begins with education.

Client Centered

1) Stocks are shares of ownership in a company which makes money from its operations or profits.  The price of a stock rises and fall, depending on how well the company does and the perceived future value.  Stock derivatives, (Exchange-traded funds, Options, and Future contracts), have grown in popularity.  While potentially more affordable, derivatives are speculative moves of stocks or other investment types.

2) Bonds are interest-bearing debt security issued by governments or corporations.  Bonds are sold at a fixed yield and pay coupons or interest.  A bond must be paid back to the investor at a named date, usually several years later.  Government bonds tend to be more stable than corporate bonds.

3) Mutual Funds are pools of money that allow investors to buy securities within the fund without having to manage their own portfolio.  The money is managed by a professional fund manager who creates and varies the portfolios of securities.  The fund charges a management fee to investors.

The choice to invest your money for retirement is unique and personal.  There are many risks and benefits of investing.  Our team of professionals help you choose an investment strategy for your retirement plan.  Contact us at 219-650-4050 to learn more or complete the form below.  We look forward to speaking with you. 

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