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Our professionals
have the knowledge and resources to help a wide variety of clients. Most of those we serve are people preparing for retirement and retirees, as well as companies and local government agencies that want to help employees build financial stability.

Whether you retired with a healthy pension or company retirement plan, or whether you worked hard throughout your life to prepare for these years, your primary goal may be to ensure that you continue to have enough income to cover your monthly expenses and unexpected costs.

Most people try to plan by using simple math concepts, such as earning a particular rate of return or withdrawing a set percentage of their retirement accounts every year. But retirement is much too complex to rely upon simple math. There are too many factors involved, from fluctuations in the economy to your personal health. Basing your plan solely on a set percentage or rate of return ignores the realities of retirement.

Our financial professionals take a thorough and practical approach. We use tools built to identify income strategies while strengthening financial protections during retirement. Living expenses are always considered in these strategies. We can also help you plan for healthcare costs.

If you can see retirement on the horizon, you may be concerned about whether you can really afford to stop working. That’s perfectly normal, but the key to eliminating those worries is with careful preparations built around your situation and your goals.

Our financial professionals will help you understand the true economics of retirement, and show why it’s more important to focus on economic concepts such as income streams than on some of the common misconceptions you may have heard (such as trying to aggressively grow your assets). We’ll identify strategies that aim to preserve and protect your retirement funds -- and if you’re concerned that you haven’t accumulated enough, we’ll explore tactics that aim to help you compensate for lost time.

Rather than relying upon simple benchmarks and percentages, our financial professionals employ tools that analyze post retirement finances. We’ll work with you to develop sound strategies that are focused on maintaining the standard of living that’s suitable for your situation currently and well past retirement.

Our professionals work with owners of companies and professional practices large and small to help them make the most of the work they’ve put into their businesses, and to be able to offer retirement plans and other benefits that attract, retain, and reward high-quality employees.

Business owners and partners typically choose to reduce their income during their most productive years to ensure that their companies and practices increase in value. Often, the long-term goal is an exit strategy that provides assets for a comfortable retirement. By using economics-based strategies, we help owners and partners better understand the value of what they have and how it can be structured to better provide for their needs today and in retirement. We also help ensure that their plan protects their family and the business in the event of an unexpected death or disabling illness.

When it comes to employee retirement programs and other benefits, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, our professionals work closely with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of their situation, their objectives, and employee expectations. That allows us to create programs specifically tailored to their businesses.

Employees of local government agencies have traditionally foregone private-sector salaries in return for the satisfaction of public service and the promise of long-term security. But in recent years, fiscal pressures and economic issues have created uncertainty. Caring local leaders have responded by adding employee-directed retirement benefits such as 457 and 403(b) retirement plans that provide opportunities for retirement savings.

Our professionals recognize that many government employees are not completely comfortable making retirement planning decisions on their own. So we work with government agencies to help ensure that their employees have a solid understanding of how to use these benefits, and work with employees to help them make decisions based upon their individual goals.

We also share our experience with an economics-based process to give local officials clearer insight into the long-term implications of options they are considering, so they can make decisions with greater confidence that their stakeholders’ needs will be served as efficiently as possible.

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